Earnings ControlV1.0

Earnings ControlV1.0
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Earnings ControlV1.0 - Be a 5 star driver

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WINNING CONTROL V1.0 - Be a 5 star driver

Manufacturer: eDigital

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Earnings Control

We create the best Control for your financial profile

And we help you organize your money. Everything 100% automatic and in a few clicks.

Gain Control is the ideal partner for application drivers.


Have Control with Real Earnings - Do not know how much you're really earning?

Calculate your daily earnings accurately, and know if you need to bill more by posting Profits. tickets, expenses, etc.


It meets the needs of Professionals: UBER, 99, CABIFY, EASYGO, WILLGO, TELEVO, EASYTAXI, LYFT, T81, 99POP, 99TAXI, TAXI, ETC ...

All this in just one application.

EDigital counting on an experience of professionals launched the Control that accessing the movements

of your launches and verifies your financial health, from detailed statements, goals, plans and charts;

So do not waste time and get into the new era of Gain Control - with the Platforms.

Using is very simple:


        Updated (sum) updated week.

        5 Weeks with individual totals. include: profit, various expenses, online time, Combusitvel, Food, Maintenance ...

        5 weeks each with your updated Chart Profile

        Days of the Week and Updated Date

        Clock updated on Week1 (Main) page.

        Consolidated (final group of adjusted totals and adding Semans)

        Consolidated (6th doc) add up to 5 weeks with Graphs generated from the daily / weekly

        Consisted contains the calculator

        Consolidated with the Delete Data Button (all data released from your weeks.

        Consolidated with Button copy. (transfers the Consolidated data to another attached document.

 The Button erases (must be triggered after making your copy of the consolidated.) * Future comparisons checks.

        Help (details about APP and data

Gain Control the Right Partner of the Platform Drivers.

Be a 5 Star Driver.



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